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Aislinns Aromatherapy

Proprietor(s): Aislinn Hours: 24 hours on Internet only Community Service: Classes WorkShops_Lectures Tarot Readings Local Networking Open Circles Address: 433 Cypress  City: Kansas City   State: MO   Zip: 64124 Shop Profile: We no longer have a store front but do have a Web Page. We opted to sell our product by mail order craft shows pagan festivals etc. We sell natural aromatherapy products also offer other scents. We have other products artwork available but because each piece is individual we are unable to offer it over the Internet. Coming Soon...we will be keeping everyone posted on our travels by way of Sacred Paths Web Page.
Email: aislinn@microlink.net   Telephone: (816) 231-6385  


Proprietor(s): Barbara Criswell Hours: i dont know Community Service: Tarot Readings Address: 424 Westport Rd.  City: Kansas City   State: MO   Zip: 64111 Shop Profile: Store offers tools of the trade books on wicca and friendly environment. Also in the store there is a jewerly store called Vulcans Forge that offers hard to find pentagram jewerly. I believe the store holds workshops on the Sabbats but am not sure as i have never atteended. Basically it is the only store i have been able to find in the kansas city area that caters to witches. Email: not available   Telephone: (816) 931-6303  

Shamanic Workshop I-facititor-kathleen Milner

Event Type: Workshop Sponsored by: Celtic Realm Brief Description: Journeywork, Magic & More Price/Donation: $360.00 for 2 day workshop Address: 219 E. 46th St #3W City: Kansas City, MO   State: mo   Zip: 64112    Country: United States When: 11/14/98 - 11/15/98 Time Information: 10:00-5:00 Event Details: Explore the Otherworlds where the shaman does work. Drum to the 4 directions & 4 elements. Learn to work with the spirit guides from the Otherworlds to bring about changes in this one. Death of a Shaman. Several Initiation including the 1st Enochian Magic Initiation. Ama Deus-a magic, healing & divination system used for thousands of years by the shaman of the Guaranis Tribe in Central Jungle of Brazil. There is alot more in this workshop. Call for additional information. Contact: Kim Williamson  Email: KWilli7590@aol.com   Telephone: 816-531-5820  

Spirit Circle

meets the 3rd Monday of each month Event Type: Workshop Sponsored by: Heartland Spiritual Alliance Brief Description: A discussion, learning event Price/Donation: free Address: 424 Westport Rd. City: kansas city   State: Mo   Zip: 64111    Country: United States When: meets the 3rd Monday of each month Time Information: 6:30Pm Event Details: Starting on 10/20/97... this event is open to all who want to learn, dicuss, or just meet others in the community. Contact: ShanemFalconfire  Email: shanem@microlink.net   Telephone:   Website: http://www.microlink.net/~shanem

Pagan's Night Out

Pagan's night out webpage -In here you can join the mailing list, and talk to witches just like yourself from the Kansas City area.

The Tarot Card Room

Free psychic reading with tarot card reading.
*West Plaza -phone:960-1516
*80th & Wornall -Phone:444-7600